Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bargains Galore

My sister gave me a long lecture about not keeping up my blog. Having a full time job (outside the house) keeps me so busy that I find it tough to do. Sometimes I feel like nobody would be interested in my activities which is why I don't do Facebook or Twitter. That seems way too time consuming to me. I work Monday through Friday and then Saturday mornings I usually meet my buddies to chat about life and things. Sometimes we are on our computers, sometimes we are crafting and sometimes we just talk about stuff. Afterwards, I make my routine stop at a few thrift stores and then home for housework. (Blah! Boring!)

Last Saturday I found a bench at my local thrift store. After 30% off, it cost me $4. I am sorry that I didn't take a "before" picture. It had blonde wood legs and a grey leather padded top. The leather was dirty and stained. I cleaned it up and then unscrewed the pad from the top. Sprayed the wood black and recovered the pad with the fabric I have used in my craft room. (Mary Engelbreit black background with tiny red cherries). This is the "after":
I am happy with the way it turned out and it is perfect for my extra craft table where I shoot my videos.

Bargain hunting has also been something my husband does. He usually buys from auctions. Last week he told me he was bidding on some stuff just because it seemed like prices were low. Sure enough.....he told me he bought an exercise bike for $6. He went to pick it up today and it is an older model Lifecycle. Perfect condition but old. There were no cords or anything but an electronic control panel. We searched it for where a cord might plug in but it didn't come with one anyway. My husband noticed a small door on the back of the panel and removed it. Inside was a 9 volt battery. We replaced it and we have a fully functional, heavy duty, gym quality, QUIET, exercise bike. Awesome. Just love to get a deal!

I am really starting to LOVE spray paint. It's my new best friend. I have a few more projects to work on (in my spare time). Can't wait. More later on those....

The heat we have had this past week has put the kabosh on any plans I had for crafting. It was such a relief to have such beautiful, gorgeous weather today. LOVE IT! Clear skies and a nice breeze.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend whatever you are doing!