Friday, July 30, 2010

Scotch Pink ATG Gun

I have always wanted one of these adhesive applicators but refused to pay the price. I think I was also hoping that someone would create one that was smaller. No such luck. I haven't seen these less than $59 and when Michael's and JoAnn's announced they would carry the pink ATG gun, I have been on the search. My friend, Nancy, found it at our local Michael's. They were gone by the time I got there. Went to another area Michael's and asked one of the stocking employees about it. (There was no display). She went to the back and got one for me. She said they received only 2. Oh brother! It is $34.99 and I was able to use a 40% off coupon.

Anyway....I have heard that buying the off-brand refills is NOT worth it. The adhesive is very stringy. Stick with the Scotch Gold refills and just look for good prices on-line or use a Michael's coupon. They sell them for $9.99. (I think there are 2 in the box) Believe it or not, sometimes I have a hard time trying to find something to use a coupon on.

This adhesive is very sticky. Once you stick your paper down, there is NO moving it. It's there to stay.

I am very happy with it and highly recommend it for scrapbooking, card making and crafts.

Scotch Pink ATG Gun

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Favorite Things Stamps

I came home today from work to find my very first order from My Favorite Things Rubber Stamps. In case you are interested,  their website is
The sets I received are in order from left to right
Better Get Better
Birthday Princess
Are We There Yet
They were $9 each
They also included a free alpha set with my order. I hope to get some samples made up and posted soon.
I really needed some stamps that I could color with my Copics. So many of mine are solid rubber and not the kind to color in.
I know my sis will read this, but the "Are We There Yet" set reminds me of when I travel to see her. I will be staying 8 days with her in October and I cannot wait! Plan to make her a card. We have so much fun together! Her hubby is going to be out of town so it will be just the two of us being crafty, thrift shopping, staying up late, laughing, blogging and just enjoying each others company.

Tonight is "The Batchelorette" and we enjoy a little "Batchfest" afterwards via computer voicing our opinions on what should have or could happen. Lots of fun. Look forward to our session tonight.

I heard from several of my friends who were able to snag some Cuttlebug dies from Big Lots. What a deal. I love to share!
TFL (Thanks for looking!)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bargain Day

This morning I decided to get some housework done before it got too hot. While doing laundry, I was washing and folding "rags". Rags for washing cars, rags for dusting, rags for polishing....I decided I had WAY TOO MANY RAGS. I don't know how I collected so many but I filled a 20 gal trash bag with excess rags. That got me started and I went through a bunch of clothes and filled 3 more bags. I donate clothing and other things I no longer need once a month. It's nice to lighten the load.

Today my daughter came for a visit so we decided to go thrift store shopping. She found 2 purses (one of which I had to replace the strap on). They were nice leather purses that just needed a little TLC. I scrubbed them with leather cleaner and then used mink oil on them. I must say, they looked pretty good. Sorry, I didn't take a picture before she left with them.

A week ago, I found a cute summery top at my favorite thrift store for $1.50. Lo and behold, today I found another one in a different color. What a deal. So comfy and cool. A good day! Yesterday, my Mom and I went to a thrift store that was pretty junky. I saw a Sizzix machine (looked brand new) for $4.98. I was glad that I got $25 for mine when I sold it. Found a roll of vinyl for my Cricut for $1 there a few months back.

I don't know why but my car just wants to drive to Target, Michael's and Big Lots EVERY SINGLE Sunday. So off we went. I got a couple of necessities at Target. I also found in the $1 section, a bean bag lap table. (Think is was $2.50) It's been way too hot to have the warmth on me from my lap top. I will say it works perfectly. I keep it stored by my recliner.

Big Lots had sent me an email with a 20% off coupon TODAY ONLY. (Sign up in the store or on's worth your time). We walked in and the manager was just putting out Cuttlebug dies. $1.60 after the 20%. WHAT A DEAL. Several of them were the embossing folder WITH the die for $1.60. Geez! Couldn't pass that up.

For probably the first time ever, I didn't buy anything at Michael's. My daughter bought some beads and things to make a necklace so we each used coupons for what wasn't on sale. Overall, a pretty good day with VERY LITTLE money spent but lots of deals.

I can never figure out why Saturday and Sunday just seem to fly by but the work week drags? Why is that?

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lots Going On.....

Hi Friends,

How come there aren't more hours in each day? Been so busy. Re-organized my craft room and closet. I have a nice walk-in closet where I had my sewing machine set up. I decided to move it into my guest room and set up my table instead as a place where I can make my videos. It's all finished! Yay!

Got up the energy to paint my $3 yard sale chair to match the rest of my craft room. Here's a pic. In an earlier post you could see that it was brown. I made a black fabric with tiny red cherries (Mary Englebreit fabric) seat cushion. Love it!
I also did another video of a card. Wasn't thrilled with the card so haven't posted it. I added a few black stitch marks and some pink to the cat to make it a bit better. What do you think? Should I post the video? It doesn't require much knowledge other than I did cut it out with my Cricut.

Also finally got my 99 cent shelf painted. Plain ol' white to stand out on sage green walls. Figured since I was painting my chair, it was time to finally get this done.

My niece was just accepted into nursing school and we are all so proud of her. It's going to be a lot of work but she is very motivated to pursue this new career for her. Her parents had a fun family barbeque and I wanted to make her a card. Here is the one I decided on. (Just love the pink crocs!) Of course, I used my Cricut. Just love that machine! The cartridge was Everyday Paper Dolls. Used the nurse and some of the doctor accessories. So fun.

Also this month, my son celebrated his 32nd birthday! I found this picture of him on the beach when he was just a wee one and made his card from it. Scanned the picture and printed it in black and white. Stamped a Papertrey Ink message from Signature Greetings and then covered the photo with clear acrylic.
My sweet sister has been pestering me for months to do more on my blog. I have really good intentions but once I am home from a long day at work, I can't seem to find the energy. I absolutely LOVE making cards and doing crafts but only find time on weekends. I never wanted to be one of those people that doesn't keep up their blog. It drives me nuts not having more to post. So....I am going to make an effort to be more consistent. Hope you are all enjoying your summer. I remember the days when I was home with the kids and we spent most of our time camping and going to the beach. The good ol' days.......
Back to reality.
Thanks for looking!