Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goodbye May

I actually am somewhat glad to see this month go. My hubby's computer got a terrible virus, you already know that my computer had an accident and TODAY, my daughter's MAC bit the dust. She had to go get another one and bought one like mine. Enough is enough!

I have always believed this. I hope I can someday learn why.

On  another note, my HP C8100 All In One Printer quit working. It kept spitting out blank pages each time we tried to print. The ink levels were fine with the exception of the MAGENTA cartridge which was out. It still would not allow me to print in black. (My printer has individual color cartridges) I replaced the magenta and then switched out the black one for another new one. It  now works fine again. I sure hope that brand new black one I replaced will work someday. I just broke it out of the package but I think it couldn't "read" it. I wonder if some of the printer updates we run block out certain ink cartridge codes if they are older. I guess that would be a reason to not stock up on them if it's true. 
Why is it that  printers just don't seem to last long?  So thankful to have it working again!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Today is the day that I think about all the men and women who serve(d) our country and wonder about the images in their mind they can never erase. I think mostly of my Dad and the effects of war that forever changed him.
Today I honor him.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

First One on One Lesson

Wow! Those One on One's are amazing. You have a totally amazing, knowledgable employee at your beck and call. He stood beside and asked me what I wanted to learn. First on my list was importing my Hotmail contacts to my iMail (Address Book). DONE. Next was syncing my Android phone with my iCalendar. DONE. So cool! I thought I had to have an iPhone for that but NOPE. Wasn't sure how to do Tabs like my PC but he showed me that too. He was really patient and super friendly. I must say it was amazing to be in the Apple Store with very few people. That would NEVER happen during regular business hours. After my hour One on One, I went for a 2 hr. "Projects" session. You are in a group session but still have someone to ask questions and get help from. Lucky for me, there was only one other woman so we had our guy for 2 hrs. Awesome! Can't wait for my next session next week.

Not only do I feel like I was able to get a lot accomplished, but I got home and my sweet hubby bought a 72" TV from an auction for $225! It's HUGE and took us all afternoon moving furniture around to finally find a home for it. I must say, it has an awesome picture. It didn't come with a remote but my talented husband was able to "program" our Direct TV remote so it works with the new monster. (Photos later)

Thought this was a really pretty flower. Found it on pinterest. The colors are so soft and calming.

Going to do more organizing on my laptop later but I am starving and ready for dinner now......

Enjoy your day tomorrow...whatever you do.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back in Action

I'm back....YEAH!
Ended up getting a MAC. My DELL died and I cannot and will not go into the HORRIBLE customer service of Dell Computers. For 4 yrs., I have enjoyed my previous Dell but as soon as something went wrong, I discovered they were the WORST company to deal with. Enough said. I am THRILLED with my new MAC and it's Candy Apple Red cover.
It's awesome. I have NEVER been a MAC user and worried that it would be difficult to make the change from PC to MAC. NOT! It was a breeze. I want to thank my SCRAPPER Group for their support and help in getting back in action.

A friend of mine turned me onto www.pinterest.com. Have you checked it out? Great place for inspiration! I love some of the quotes on there too. Like this one.

That is SO ME! 

Two of the Goodwill Stores that I frequent are both under going a major remodel. One of them is doubling in space. It will be nice when they are finished. For now....it's messier than normal.

Have you heard of cake pops? I must have been one of the few that knew nothing about them! Our scrapbook weekend was so much fun. We already scheduled our next one! Bonnie showed us how they were made. Here's a picture of what they are...

So fun and very yummy. Super sweet so be prepared. If you are interested in trying some, go to www.bakerella.com or just google "cake pops". There are tons of youtube videos too.

Have my first MAC lesson (One on One) tomorrow morning at 7AM so better get moving and get my act together so I have a plan on what I want help with.

Happy to be back in blogland.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just A Little Inconvenience

Well it seems I will be delayed in making a few posts. My laptop took a dive onto a tile floor from the dining room table. I am at the mercy of Dell. I know they are desperately trying to revive my poor computer but no news as of yet. Should have some fun stuff to post once I am up and running again.
Stay tuned.