Sunday, May 29, 2011

First One on One Lesson

Wow! Those One on One's are amazing. You have a totally amazing, knowledgable employee at your beck and call. He stood beside and asked me what I wanted to learn. First on my list was importing my Hotmail contacts to my iMail (Address Book). DONE. Next was syncing my Android phone with my iCalendar. DONE. So cool! I thought I had to have an iPhone for that but NOPE. Wasn't sure how to do Tabs like my PC but he showed me that too. He was really patient and super friendly. I must say it was amazing to be in the Apple Store with very few people. That would NEVER happen during regular business hours. After my hour One on One, I went for a 2 hr. "Projects" session. You are in a group session but still have someone to ask questions and get help from. Lucky for me, there was only one other woman so we had our guy for 2 hrs. Awesome! Can't wait for my next session next week.

Not only do I feel like I was able to get a lot accomplished, but I got home and my sweet hubby bought a 72" TV from an auction for $225! It's HUGE and took us all afternoon moving furniture around to finally find a home for it. I must say, it has an awesome picture. It didn't come with a remote but my talented husband was able to "program" our Direct TV remote so it works with the new monster. (Photos later)

Thought this was a really pretty flower. Found it on pinterest. The colors are so soft and calming.

Going to do more organizing on my laptop later but I am starving and ready for dinner now......

Enjoy your day tomorrow...whatever you do.

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  1. I am happy you are taking the lessons, because you can show me what you learn (hee hee :} ) I think that flower looks like a Mum.