Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back in Action

I'm back....YEAH!
Ended up getting a MAC. My DELL died and I cannot and will not go into the HORRIBLE customer service of Dell Computers. For 4 yrs., I have enjoyed my previous Dell but as soon as something went wrong, I discovered they were the WORST company to deal with. Enough said. I am THRILLED with my new MAC and it's Candy Apple Red cover.
It's awesome. I have NEVER been a MAC user and worried that it would be difficult to make the change from PC to MAC. NOT! It was a breeze. I want to thank my SCRAPPER Group for their support and help in getting back in action.

A friend of mine turned me onto Have you checked it out? Great place for inspiration! I love some of the quotes on there too. Like this one.

That is SO ME! 

Two of the Goodwill Stores that I frequent are both under going a major remodel. One of them is doubling in space. It will be nice when they are finished. For's messier than normal.

Have you heard of cake pops? I must have been one of the few that knew nothing about them! Our scrapbook weekend was so much fun. We already scheduled our next one! Bonnie showed us how they were made. Here's a picture of what they are...

So fun and very yummy. Super sweet so be prepared. If you are interested in trying some, go to or just google "cake pops". There are tons of youtube videos too.

Have my first MAC lesson (One on One) tomorrow morning at 7AM so better get moving and get my act together so I have a plan on what I want help with.

Happy to be back in blogland.


  1. I got hooked on Macs years ago and then mine died a year ago. Had to use a windows laptop till I could afford a new Mac, then ended up buying a refurbished one for much less money and a full warranty. I love being back on my Mac again, they are the best, I hope you love yours too!

  2. It's the best thing ever. Had my first One on One today at the Apple Store. I plan on making that a weekly thing. Made me realize how incredibly slow my Dell was.

  3. I am so happy you now a member of the mac sisterhood...we will have a BLAST! So good to have you back online! love you...sis