Monday, May 24, 2010


My sister has been bugging me to post some more things on my blog. Where does the time go?
So here we go....First off, I have scored a few great things lately. Coffee table from thrift store. $16. Figured it will work great for Christmas Eve dinner at our house. A few people can eat around it! It's huge....not sure if I will sand and paint it or just sand it. It's very distressed so no worries with little ones on it.

Next is my $3 stool for my craft room. Got that at our City Wide Yard Sale with my friend, Nancy. Had my daughters little convertible that day so Nancy had to hold it in her lap. Good thing it was a nice day and we had the top down!

I think I will paint it white. But for now, I wanted a cushion for it. Bought a pillow at the thrift store for $1 and covered it.
Here's the cushion.

Not sure if you can tell that it is a Mary Engelbreit tiny cherry print. My valance is a Mary E fabric from the thrift store for $1. All the furniture is white and I use black and red accents. I see you can see a tiny bit of a shelf I got for $1.99 that needs to be painted as well. My knobs are all Mary E cherry pattern. Love her art!

The last thing I need is another trimmer/paper cutter but I found this Fiskars one for 99 cents. It is brand new, has the fold out 12x12 arm. It was just missing the blade. I had extra at home so couldn't let it go.

A few more treasures. Got this little red storage cube at Target. Every time I go in my craft room, one of my cats, Smokey, follows me in. I keep the door closed so they can't get into all my stuff. They LOVE to play with my paint brushes! Smokey LOVES to sit in my chair. I bought this soft fuzzy storage cube and she thinks it is for her. Perfect for all my paper scraps. item IS NOT MY IDEA! I received this cute gift
from my friend, dianne. It was made using the ELMO'S PARTY Cricket Cartridge (cupcake wrapper). Just roll up a pair of those fuzzy, cozy socks and then place a red pom pom on top. I was able to fit 3 of the wrappers on my 12 x 12 cutting mat.
Thanks for the idea, d.

Oops. One more thing. Made this frame for a friend at work. The flower is paper. Idea from the creative videos of So fun to make. Got the frame for 49 cents at the thrift and the black iron stand at JoAnn's. Love it!

Guess that's all for now. Are you happy, Jan? I finally posted again. Wish I had more time to keep this up.
Unfortunately, I lost all my pictures on my computer. Fortunately, I had them backed up and I just spent days putting them back on my computer. There always seems to be something more pressing.
Until next time. Thanks for your interest in my blog!


  1. Wow! You have been finding some great deals! I love all of your new treasures!

  2. AWESOME, AWESOME...I am jumping up and down, clapping my hands!! I am so excited and happy!
    I KNOW Jan is too!!! :)