Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Cricut Lite Cartridges Exclusive to WalMart

Hi Friends,
As you probably have already heard, Cricut has released 24 new "Lite" cartridges exclusive to WalMart. They are priced at $39. Very similar to a Solutions cartridge but better packaging. No book but a laminated folder showing all layers. Here's the display at my local WalMart. Sorry it isn't a better picture. I took it with my phone. Here are the cartridges I felt I could NOT live without.

To date, there is an update for the Cricut Design Studio for all 24 cartridges but not yet for the Gypsy. Hopefully, that will be coming soon.

These cartridges come with the keyboard overlay, the cartridge and  the laminated tri-fold that shows all layers. It is a plastic box similar to one sold for VHS tape storage. You also get a REWARDS certificate for 30 pts. If you register this month, you will receive 50 pts.
I think they are a bit high in price and would like to see a $25 price tag (or lower). Some cartridges have an additional alphabet. For those with high schoolers, the Varsity Letter cartridge is adorable! My girlfriend got Slumber Party and it is a must have for little girls.  Both the B for Boy and the Sugar N Spice are great boy/girl cartridges.

This Celebrate With Flourish allows you to cut out the design just like it is shown on the package front. The layers for the different colors are specifically designed for the different color options.

This cartridge has mostly holidays but offers a really cute chocolate covered strawberry that caught my eye since I LOVE to make them (and eat them!)

Provo Craft seems to have an abundance of new products planned for 2010.

Hopefully, I will have some PROJECTS up or a VIDEO or two soon showing some of my creations.

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  1. How cool...I did not know that...I KNOW you will have a blast making some really cute things. Can't wait.