Saturday, October 30, 2010

So Sorry....

I know...I know....I have been HORRIBLE about updating my blog. We have been so busy "doing stuff around the house". My post a few back of the laminate floor opened up a HUGE amount of work for my husband. Talk about things "snowballing" into other things! We are still working on the laminate floor. The bathroom is all that is left to be done. Then we had the issue of what to do with our stairs. We decided to rip out the carpeting. Down to bare ugly wood with lots of nails and staples. Can't do laminate on the stairs, don't want to do carpet. we are doing REAL WOOD and recreating the stairs with new "treads" and "risers". It's a job and half since our stairs curve and we go from straight stairs to triangular shaped stairs. Quite the learning experience for both of us. Oh...did I mention paint? Now we have to repaint which presents the issue of "where do we stop". The stairway shares a common wall with the entry. What we thought would be a small paint job is now huge. We have 16 ft. ceilings in places that make it difficult to get to with the stairs. Every minute of the evening is spent attempting to put our house back together. Why is it that any job you begin starts out as an ant hill and turns into a mountain? We "hope" to be done by Christmas Eve when we have our large family of 26 over for dinner. I know it will all turn out great in the end but I will admit that it has been a ton of work!

I will post some pictures soon. I must do a before and after of the stairs. That may be awhile since we had to custom order some wood steps.

I love the color of my sisters walls in her house so she shared her paint codes with me and we had the paint "copied" at Lowe's. They are great for that! Put a few rolls of it on our wall and thought it was too light. Lo and behold, once dried it looks much better. I always forget that it gets a lot darker after it dries.

Also emptied out our walk in closet in our guest room that has mostly my daughters stuff she didn't want to move. Need her to go through it so we can throw out, give away what she doesn't want and reorganize. I think we could have come up with several Halloween costumes with what we found in that closet. (My kids have always been into dressing up for Halloween. Even now that they are adults!

OK...promises, promises. I will try to at least post some pics and updates on some of my finds at the thrift store. I was at Goodwill the other day and found a "sold" dresser that was EXACTLY what I have been looking for. It sold for $39. I was so ticked. Guess I missed it by a few hours. Oh well.....

Happy Halloween to everyone.


  1. You have been really busy! I'd love to see some pictures. I'm sure it will be beautiful! :)

  2. Glad to see a new post! It sounds like you are one busy girl! I can't wait to see the pics.

  3. We totally understand! No pressure, no guilt, just post when you can, because when you do it is always interesting, informative or creative. One thing about a mountain of a can sit at the top and enjoy the view! Love you and miss you...sis