Sunday, September 19, 2010

Best Cat Litter Ever!

Kind of a crazy topic but I am  so excited over this. We recently were given a box of cat litter that someone no longer needed. Not my usual brand but I don't think my cats are picky. It's from Petco and it is called Ever Clean. It comes in a blue box. What is special about it? It is scented with lavender. I LOVE IT! I must say the cats do too. The box I tested it in was the most used. It's kind of expensive $20.99 so I decided to mix it with Tidy Cat. It sure makes smelling lavender more appealing than the alternative. I highly recommend it for anyone who gets to clean cat boxes every day like me.

Yesterday, we ripped carpet out of another bedroom in preparation for doing more wood flooring. Unfortunately, we found an area where the builder put in a smaller board in the sub floor than the rest of the area. My husband patched that with some goop from Lowe's. After it sets, we can get going on the next room.

I have realized that I am trying to cram too many activities and chores into 2 fast days. The weekends just fly by for me. I still need my "me" time.

I can't believe it is only 2 more weeks until I go visit my sister and get some rest and relaxation. Oh...did I say rest? That isn't true! Last visit, I remember we were sitting in her spa at 3am. We averaged about 4 hrs. of sleep per night. Regardless, we have such fun. Can't wait!


  1. Glad to hear about the new litter...but am absolutely beside myself excited to have you all to myself for an entire week!! We are going to have a BLAST!!