Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Deals, Cats & Stuff

Today I decided I want to tear out our carpet upstairs and lay wood floor. I moved all the furniture out of the first room and ripped out the carpet. I just need to tear out the tack strips and baseboards next. I will show pics later. It's too hot to do anymore so I am taking a break until it cools off.

I went to a couple of thrift stores and got a few good deals I thought I would share. This is a Brighton coin purse in perfect condition for $1. Next is a travel purse that goes across your body. Brand new, warranty still inside. Had checked these out and they were $40 new. Found it for $7.
Here is a cool mirror that I got for $8. The shelf is a bit loose so I will have to use my wood glue on it.

Last week when my husband got to work, he found a perfectly good cat "tree", a new litter box and a brand new box of Ever Fresh Lavender Scent kitty litter. (We found out later that an elderly woman's elderly cat passed away and she didn't want any reminders left around. Very sad.
One of my cats, Roxy, has decided it is HER tree. She has been living on the top shelf.

She also was quite fond of this little foot stool I found. It opens up for storage inside and is in excellent condition.

Had to show you one of our Beastie Boys taking a siesta on the back of the couch. He is such a great cat!
If there ever was a perfect cat, it is him! I trim the cats nails pretty regularly and he is the only one who sits there with his paw out like he is in a manicure chair and allows me to trim them. The others hate it.
 Here is my sweet boy.

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  1. Awesome, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! Love the pic of Beastie it Sleepy or Blinkie? Great deals!! I can't wait to visit so we can go again. SCORE!!! The cat tree is really in great shape! It looks like a tree...Like the mirror too.