Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Makes Me Smile

I am a bit embarrassed to tell you that I followed (stalked) a woman around the thrift store. She was holding this print in her hand and looking at frames. I thought it was such a cute, colorful, fun watercolor. (I also saw the price on it $1.50.) Sometimes I do keep track of people because they don't always buy what they are carrying in their basket. (Any good thrift shopper knows...pick up what you are interested in and make the decision later) If you hesitate, it's GONE! Sure enough, she had 3 things in her hand and unloaded them in another part of the store (not where they belonged). I snagged this print. Love it.

Another thing I usually check out is the purse and wallets. I found 2 Brighton coin purses for $3 each. The brown one is just like a black one I got about a year ago. They are PERFECT inside. Appear to never have been used. Score!
Sorry the coin purse photos are a bit dark.
Don't forget your green for tomorrow!


  1. Hey! I LOVE that print too!! It is me as a red head and beautiful blond you! Drinking our white zin together! LOVE IT...GOOD JOB SIS!

    I cannot BELIEVE all the Brighton stuff you find! I can NEVER find any...

    I be wearing the GREEN today...Happy St. Patrick's Day me dear sister...

  2. where am I in the watercolor?? Love you both anyway, Mom

  3. So.......I go to the thrift store and all I find is two Mason jars for $1.99. I need to shop at your thrift store! You totally score!

  4. our thrift store has junk. and, not even good junk. i need to shop where you shop!

    love the print!