Sunday, July 31, 2011

Home From Vegas

Wow! Crazy, fun weekend in Vegas and tons of things waiting for me when I returned to work.
We had a great time. The highlight of my trip was when my sister and I had our picture taken with a Lion cub "Buddy" at the MGM Hotel. We were only allowed to pet his hind quarters even though I begged and begged to pick him up. (They wouldn't let me) He weighed 60 lbs. In between pictures being taken, he is given a bottle of liquid meat. (Gross) but I must say...he LOVED it. Sorry the picture isn't better...
I have a few pictures to share from the trip. If you have NEVER driven the road to Vegas, this is pretty much what it looks like. (A lot of nothing!)


Don't be too impressed with my winnings.
This is a game on my laptop that I am obsessed with.
Dophin Dice Slot (from the App Store)

I took this picture with my phone in the Bellagio Gardens
and then applied a filter (Used Magic Hour)
This is my son & daughter-in-law's new
rescue. His name is Guinness.
Sorry...couldn't figure out how to flip this photo.
Got this at Sam's Club. $29
Great for keeping the laptop cool.
Has USB to plug in power to fan.

More photos later...the morning is getting away from me.


  1. I miss you already! You can flip the picture in iPhoto with the curved arrow under edit...

    So you got one of those laptop!

    Guinness is adorable!

    Send me the link for those gambling games...

    love you!

  2. Yes, I see the horse! The pics are beautiful. The cub is so cute and so is your new grand-doggy.