Sunday, July 10, 2011

This 'N That

Here's my daughter's cat, Smokey, watching me craft and not being too happy that she isn't getting ALL of the attention. She's 12 yrs. old and still looks and acts like a kitten. Her coat is very much like a rabbit. Soft as silk. We got her from our vet. They rescued her from some abusive kids. She was a ferrel kitten when we got her. We confined her to a bedroom until we could be sure she was healthy. She hid in the corner of the room behind a bed only coming out to eat and do her business. It took about 6 months of handling her and giving her special attention. Then we opened the door and let her explore at her own pace. She is proof that you can domesticate a ferrel cat.  Her favorite thing in the whole world is to lay on People Magazine. Not sure why she likes that one so much but open it up to read and you can be assured she will be on top of the pages in the blink of an eye. Who says cats don't have personalities?

Was at Goodwill last week and walked in and saw 2 drawer units. They had decals and were pretty scuffed up. $5 ea. Thought they would go nicely in my craft room. Brought them home and cleaned them up. Better quality then my other drawers!

I was in the front yard yesterday and notice how pretty the blooms were on our Rose of Sharon tree. This picture doesn't do it justice.
The blooms are periwinkle and lavender. So pretty!


Donna B said...

SCORE on those drawers! Loved the story on Smokers...yes, that picture did not do your Rose of Sharon tree justice...still remember the pic of you and Mom in front of it... beautiful tree!
Also liked the technique you used on Smoker's pic. :} love you sis

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

great drawers! they look awesome.

i think i have a rose of sharon tree here. not sure. but this looks like what it might be. it's not blooming though.

love the cat picture.

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