Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy 2011

Hi Everyone,

So much has been going on. I am sure EVERYONE'S life is hectic.

I know it has been FOREVER (actually about 2 months) since I posted. I plan to be more regular now that the only thing I have to do is paint and I DON'T HAVE A DEADLINE! Yay. Little by little I plan to paint the livingroom, dining room, kitchen, family room and entry. I am taking my time. The livingroom has a 16 ft. vaulted ceiling and I am NOT looking forward to climbing the ladder that high up and painting along the edge of the ceiling before I can roll it!

I had promised pictures and I finally got them loaded on my lap top and down sized. I think I will try to change the size of the pictures my camera takes so I don't have to do that every time.

 First off. Here are the pictures of our new floor upstairs and the beautiful job my husband did on our stairs! I fought him about doing the bathroom but I am so glad that we did. It looks wonderful!
Top of the stairs.....

 Bottom of the stairs
 Top of the stairs. My husband also built the built-in bookcase. First attempt at woodworking!
 This was the absolute hardest part for him. The winding stairs. He had to weld wood slats together with glue and wood "bisquits" and then cut out the pattern. It was AWFUL! These 4 winders took more time than doing the entire flooring upstairs! for a couple of great finds at the thrift store.
This is a nearly new Samsonite carry on. It has those kind of wheels that will roll behind you or roll beside you. It's awesome! $12 LOVE IT! Can't wait to use it when I go visit my Sis.

Next is a plate that I just love. It is meant to hang on the wall. Has a hanger on the back of it but you could also use it as a plate for yummy treats. $2  No chips or cracks either!
I hope whoever reads my blog realizes how important it is to back up the important files on your computer. I recently bought a 1 TB Western Digital external hard drive. I copied to it all my PICTURES, VIDEOS and DOCUMENTS. I would be sick if I ever lost those. Please.....if you haven't done it yet, get it done. It's very easy and you won't be sorry. I have a friend who recently had to replace her computer and if she hadn't backed up her photos she would have lost everything! She was so smart!

Have a list of stuff to get done today and have only scratched 3 things. Updating my blog was 1 of them so I can scratch one more.
Hope you all have a fabulous day tomorrow with your Valentine. Off to make goodies for my buddies at work.

Hugs and thanks for your interest in my blog.


mickeydee said...

Yay! A post! So happy to hear your latest news. Your floors are awesome!

Donna B said...

Holy C--- I missed this post!! I came to visit and discovered this wonderful, newsy post of yours! Love the plate and the Samsonite bag...very COOL!

I am so glad you posted pics of all the hard work both of you have been doing...I still marvel at your hubbie's handiwork on those stairs! And you know how I drool over that bookcase...

You're doing good...just keep you!

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