Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Day

Hi Friends...Thought I would show you one of my ribbon racks. It's actually a pants hanger. I picked it up at the thrift store. I actually have a few of them. You can get them for around $1.

Another fun thing I found was some cute teddy bear salt and pepper shakers. I thought they would be great for my glitter. up is an idea I got from a another blog.
I used the same punch but not as many punches in a smaller frame.
 I was thrilled to be able to make something that didn't cost me anything. The frames are from the thrift store (of course)
My Mom and I went to see THE KING'S SPEECH yesterday and on my way home I picked this basket up from Goodwill. LOVE IT! Better go get ready to settle in for the Oscars. Bye for now.


  1. I LOVE the basket and all your creative projects. What a great idea for your ribbon! I have a shelf for all my stamps and the bottom two shelves each have a dowel to display ribbon...only I use it for a shelf...

    Your cupcake picture is so cute! Great idea using the teddy bear shakers for the glitter...

    You are so clever and talented! :}

  2. PS Also like your new poka dot background...

  3. You find the best deals! I love your new goodies, especially the cupcake cute!